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Rollbiz CRM is armed with a host of features that ensure maximum efficiency and optimization of resources. Save time, money and increase your output. Automating was never this easy. Our cloud based CRM – helps fast growing businesses across the globe to simplify their tasks, use a shared database and maximize their opportunities. The common shared platform can work wonders for your enterprise – both for the sales force and the management. Rollbiz CRM suite is packed with the power to drive all your business processes and needs solution for all your CRM needs
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Client Management

Call it your Client Bible. Rollbiz offers you all the insight and information at your finger-click. You can create engaging business insights for your clients, maintain directories of client information for estimates and invoices, and import client data in any standard format. Invoice and bill management, sorting and filtering data, finding related information like leads, […]

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Never miss an appointment, a meeting or an email. Rollbiz’s CRM organizes your office life to a T so that even the most complex of tasks and meetings are scheduled to a perfect fit. Email reminders, events meetings, sending follow-up emails, responding to urgent reminders – find the beauty of synchrony with our Integrated Calendar’s […]

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Opportunity Management

Whoever said that opportunity never knocks twice, knew what he was talking about. Presenting Rollbiz’s opportunity management software. Created to give you an edge over competition, this module gives you a bird’s eye view of your pipeline. It is now extremely easy for you to focus and tap the wealth of potential opportunities lying in […]

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Sales Reporting and Analytics

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of managing a sales pipeline is the accuracy of reports and analytics. Rollbiz’s powerful analytics and reporting tool is just what you need. Complicated number crunching, data analytics, daily, monthly and quarterly reports – all at the ease of a mouse-click. Our dashboard gives you a detailed insight […]

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Lead Management

So you have a great list, and great contacts collated from various sources. The secret to producing great results from these leads, is to first organize, sort and group them in the correct category. Our custom-ready software separates the leads at various stages and builds profiles, and creates a virtual treasure for you to reap […]

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Email Campaign

The success of lead conversion hinges greatly on the brilliance of your marketing campaign. With Rollbiz CRM’s integration with Mailchimp, managing email campaigns is not only easy but very effective. Mailchimp one of the most popular email marketing service, empowers you to design and dispatch newsletters to leads and clients. Managing email campaigns with Rollbiz […]

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Automatic Lead Capture

The best place to secure leads is on your website or blog. Rollbiz’s simple yet effective lead capture tool uses a web form and catches leads right from your website. What’s more it integrates the captured leads into the CRM and takes the next set of steps – from using them in email campaigns to […]

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Create, customize and export reports that can build on any data. Generate real-time reports and dashboards on any parameter. Also examine the impact of your marketing campaigns, sales opportunities.. You can share or restrict access to reports and dashboards across teams. Our dashboards display current data and details on leads, opportunities and the pipeline. You […]

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Integration with your business site

you can use the Developer API to integrate other business applications with Rollbiz CRM. When you receive leads from your website, you can feed the leads generated directly to the CRM. Connect your internet store based on Rollbiz Site Manager to your CRM and your sales managers will be able to process orders from your […]

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Integration with your business site
10.  Invoice management

Invoice Management

Generate, organize and manage your invoice in a jiffy with Rollbiz’s online invoice management solution. Take the stress out of invoicing process and secure payments faster. Produce automated and professional invoices get paid online faster than you can imagine. Also track pending invoices, customize the layout of the invoice and create separate templates for different […]

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CRM Analytics

CRM analytics is the automated processing of data about a customer in order to make better business decision. Analytics can be the single most important factor for you to make future decisions. Rollbiz’s sophisticated analytics offers a dashboard and advanced reporting of the complete picture of your firm’s sales, marketing performance and results. Get a […]

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Role Management

Set permissions for users and assign them roles that define the kind of information they can access and what level access they are allowed. Enable managers to see employees’ calendars and to determine access for various employees. You may assign a user to any number of roles user can be associated to any number of […]

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Inventory Management

Simplify inventory management with our excellent tool that keeps a track of everything. Product volumes, services, price books, vendors, sales quotes, orders and invoices. Boost your sales and marketing cycles by syncing the inventory management module to get real-time information. Use our professional service to create purchase orders from associated vendors, send and track payment, […]

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Support management

A happy customer is the key to more business. Never fall back on your customer-service priorities. Rollbiz’s ticket generation system means you will never fail to reply and attend to your customer support queries. Be it email or telephone or online via Rollbiz CRM, our system gives an up-to-date snapshot of the critical issues that […]

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